Norfolk Island – SuperNatural

The BEYOND “SuperNatural” Tour to Norfolk Island

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Both SUPER and NATURAL, Norfolk Island is a place that showcases nature and history beautifully. It also presents a rare opportunity to get up close amidst restless souls, ghostly spirits and haunting tales of yesteryear.

Emily Bay – the perfect lagoon

Small in size, yet immense in magnificence, there is so much to see and do on this jewel in the Pacific.

Ruins, museums, bushland and the most perfect lagoon beach for tranquil swimming. There’s a picturesque golf course. And the wonderful Cyclorama.

With a brutal history as a convict settlement, Norfolk Island’s Cemetery whispers loudly of lives lost. By day, it shows off its stunning location by the sea. Whether under sunny skies or shrouded in mist, wandering through this place during daylight hours is a pleasant yet sobering way to learn about the lives and history of those buried here.

Come nightfall, however, a walk around the Cemetery is a more ghostly experience. Tormented souls and unsettled spirits reside here and it’s a surreal place to dare to go.

Whether under moonlight or starlight or total blackness, a visit here takes eeriness to another level. Reading tombstones by torchlight as the waves crash behind you is a surreal experience indeed.
Spooky, yes. Frightening, no.

And then there is “The Duplex” … !!
You don’t have to go ghost-hunting on this trip (there’s plenty else to do) – but if you’re interested in the supernatural then Norfolk Island is the place to visit.
Young, old, hardy, dubious, believer or skeptic … this trip will enable you to delve if you wish!

The locals are friendly and just a little quirky. The food is delicious and the shopping excellent – and duty and GST free again. (GST was introduced in 2007 but removed in 2016). You can top up your shoe wardrobe and refresh your makeup kit at bargain prices!

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