Travel Design & Planning

Hacienda, Bardenes Reales, Spain

We are not a travel agency, but we have great contacts in the travel game and can pick some of the best brains in the business to bring together your ideal trip in a personally curated way. Our PTC Philip Webb is a Travel Broker – his expertise in the travel game is invaluable.

We can also recommend other travel companies who may be offering the ideal trip for your needs. We’re all about collaboration and ensuring you have the best experience! Sally leads some tours of Pukekohe Travel and they offer a variety of excellent escorted group trips.

If you have an idea of where you’d like to go but need some help and ideas to consolidate your plans, talk to us!

We can assist with the design and planning of your dream trip –
and can personally escort you if you would like a Personal Travel Companion (PTC) to take care of everything along the way.
Or you can take the trip yourself – safe in the knowledge that
everything is in place for your trip.

Inside info in the travel game is more important now than ever before.
Please contact Sally to get the ball rolling –
and take a step closer to your dream holiday!
Give us a call!

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