Small Group Tours FAQs

Franz Josef

Do you put together your own Escorted Group Tours?

Sure! Our BEYOND trips are carefully designed with a modern, gentle and innovative approach. Some trips will be put together specifically for those who need assistance and have limitations when travelling – these will be for very small numbers. Some will be for more independent travellers who enjoy exploring the world with other people. Some trips will have a specific theme – art, gardens, food/wine, horseracing, golf, skiing – the options are endless. Some trips are just purely to go and explore what’s out there!

What’s your point of difference for your Group tours?

We operate on an innovative 5-S basis: Small; Solo; Seniors; Supple; Select

Check the Services page to find out more. By the way, the “Supple” refers to flexibility in a travel sense – you don’t have to be able to bend yourself into an impossible yoga position!

Tell me more about the Tour Leading work you’ve done

I’ve led numerous tours for several tour companies over the years, notably those who specialise in tours for seniors. I love assisting mature travellers to maximise their travel enjoyment.

I currently escort tours for Pukekohe Travel on a freelance basis. They have a great offering of trips with fun, value and unique experiences in mind! In 2024 I’ll be leading trips to Australia, Portugal and Morocco – come join me with that hat on!

I’ve led many trips for seniors and have managed/led conference delegations and teams around the world.

Creating fabulous experiences for groups of people, large or small, is something I’ve been doing, in one way or another, for … well, forever!

Kaingaroa, Chatham Island