Sally Blyth

The world is a fabulous treasure, and travelling around it gives infinite pleasure! – Sally


Hi, I’m Sally – Travel Leader.

I set up BEYOND Travel Companion Services to help people travel without stress and with as much love as I have for it.

I’ve always been a globetrotter, alongside a diverse professional career in New Zealand and UK/Europe.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand I’m available globally!

I lived in London during the 1980s and have travelled extensively throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, for work and leisure. Having worked in a variety of fields including health, wellbeing & disability, organisational change, writing/editing, transcription/minutes, creativity, and a diverse range of project work – mostly in the not-for-profit sector – I’ve been taken far and wide, literally and figuratively.

Travel has been part of my world for decades – professionally, as a group tour leader, conference curator and freelance travel writer; and personally, as an avid explorer of everywhere. With pleasure and purpose, I have loved visiting places near and far since I was young. There are very few places within New Zealand that I have not been to. Further afield, I have travelled to the familiar, the famous, the remote and the lesser-known. And there are still plenty more places where I have yet to tread.

Alongside my love of travel, I have a passion for writing and creativity. I’m a Travel Writer, Artist and WOW designer/finalist. I’m also a facilitator and administrator and a long-time committee person. I love contributing to the various communities I am part of.

The world continually keeps me inspired; its cultures keep me inspired; its people keep me intrigued. I love challenges and welcome new experiences.

I’m a multi-dimensional being, a sixth-generation Kiwi at heart and a self-confessed Europhile. I have two wonderful adult sons who have also got the travel bug.

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  • TRAVEL – This has always been my Number One love in life – and I’d love to accompany you and ensure you have the time of your life on your travels!
  • WRITE – Articles, opinion pieces, reports, short stories, novels … I love to write, especially travel tales! I call it being a “Word Engineer”!
    Find out more on the Travel Tales page.
  • CREATE – I’ve exhibited and sold many artworks (current passion is working with ink) and have had 8 garments in the World of Wearable Arts Show in Wellington, since 2011. Several have been exhibited at the WOW Museum in Nelson. I was a mask artisan for 20+ years, creating masquerade masks for clients around the world. (I stopped this work just prior to Covid and lockdowns … when another type of mask became mandatory!!)
  • COLLABORATE – I’ve done project, admin and contract work in many industries and professions through my life – health, disability, education, law, politics, sports, retail, environment, building, media and more. There are so many aspects to life and work, and I feel fortunate to have gained insight into many of them through my unconventional career path.
  • CHAT – I love to share travel tales in all sorts of ways. If you’re interested in a speaker for your club or group, do get in touch. I’d love to share my presentation “My Life in Travel” with you!

If I am unavailable to assist you personally, you’ll be in the wonderful care of a member of my PTC team. Each PTC Team Member has all the attributes that will ensure you travel safely and in the best of hands.


  • 45+ years of travel
  • 45+ countries visited
  • 45+ airlines flown
  • 45+ ski resorts enjoyed

LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! no limits, new horizons