Ultra-Small Group Tours

Chateau de Chambord, France

We curate a small but fabulous range of unique, personally-escorted international tours. Called “5S”, our focus is on Small, Solo, Seniors, Supple, Select. These trips are like no other, as we approach them in a Fresh and Modern way.

Designed at a Gentle pace, with a perfect blend of discovery and relaxation in mind, these trips are great for those who need a level of support and assistance.

Age is no barrier – younger or older, it’s about having a great time together. Ideal for those with minor mobility issues as we welcome and cater for that.
(NB: Full personal care/nursing is not offered).

Some trips will incorporate more Active elements – walks and activities that invite you to give it a whirl if you’re up for it. Nothing too onerous, but designed to get you moving.

The BEYOND points of difference for our Ultra-Small Group travel 5-S tours are:


“Ultra-small group” means really small i.e. 4 to 8 people, depending on the trip. Max. 12 people. Some companies say “small group” but this often still means 20+ people. At BEYOND, we really do mean small!
(NB: If it’s just you and/or a friend, then our PTC Service may be best).


We recognise that many people are solo travellers – but still want company. Most of our trips are based on SINGLE occupancy. Our philosophy is that paying more because you’re travelling solo is wrong. Therefore, we plan and price everything on a maximum (single) basis to start with. But you don’t travel alone, you’ll be part of a small and select group! However, if you’re a couple or wish to bring a partner or friend on a share basis, you’ll get a discounted rate. Bonus all round!


Gentle and satisfying travel is the name of the game. All trips are designed with Seniors in mind – but all ages and stages of life are welcome. We’re here to help anyone who needs assistance and/or desires company to travel.


This means our itineraries are flexible! Most group tours operate on set dates with very set itineraries and little flexibility which can be limiting. However, BEYOND’s approach is more Supple than that. While some of our trips have set dates, many don’t. We work with you to determine and book the most suitable dates for you. This will take into account seasons, school holidays, etc – and even tides and full moons (best weather!) We market the itinerary that we’ve created; you express your interest; and, once all places are taken, we collaborate together to finalise the dates and details. Then off we go. Because our groups are so small, it’s possible to approach it this way, as long as you have a measure of flexibility.


Our trips are hi-spec, personally-curated and fully-escorted. With their tailor-made aspect, they are designed for people seeking a top-end and very personalised experience with a down-to-earth and behind-the-scenes approach. Join us on an exclusive, and often all-inclusive, trip to discover new places and make new friends. There will be special surprises, and a chance to engage with locals.
We are working on some special tours – watch this space!

Check the Trips page for more info about our itineraries and destinations.

If you like the look of one of our trips but would prefer to do it with your own small group of friends, or your partner, this can be arranged. Or on your own, with a Personal Travel Companion. Itineraries and prices can be adapted to suit requirements.

Contact Sally on 021 480323 to find out more.

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