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Sally Blyth, NZ Herald Travel, May 2022

The Chatham Islands is a place like no other. Remote, windswept and unique, you’re guaranteed many “only in the Chathams” moments!

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I led a special small group Racing in the Chathams Tour, January 2023, to attend the annual racing carnival.

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The island scenery is diverse, pristine and breathtaking.

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It’s the Chatham Island Jockey Club’s 150th Anniversary Dec 2024/Jan 2025. Keen to go? Let me know!

Sally Blyth, NZ Herald Travel, Oct 2020

Anchor Bay, Tawharanui

There are numerous Regional Parks in and around Auckland.

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Sally Blyth, NZ Herald Travel, July 2020

Powhenua on Omaha Beach

With an intriguing history and a progressive outlook, the Matakana region, just an hour north of Auckland, has evolved through times of challenge and prosperity. As a long-term part-time local, I’m pleased to share an overview of what’s on offer.
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Sally Blyth, Destinations Magazine, Oct/Nov 2019

With its picturesque harbour, heritage buildings and coastal wilderness, Dunedin exudes charm, tradition and natural wonders. It’s a city of “firsts” that welcomes and captivates.
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Dunedin has plenty to amuse and delight visitors when it comes to art, culture and entertainment, with some great eateries spread across the city to help keep energy levels up. Wander, browse, discover and enjoy all that this wonderful city has to offer.
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NB: The articles were written pre-Covid and some information is out of date.

THROUGH THE TREETOPS – The Ultimate Canopy Tour, Rotorua
Sally Blyth, Destinations Magazine, September 2018

The tale of a fabulous adventure, via helicopter, to Rotorua where I had great fun in the treetops.

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