Fees FAQs

We aim to offer an accessible and affordable service, to enable you to take the trip you desire. Here is some overview information that will clarify some of the points to consider.

Do I need to pay a Fee if I use the PTC Service?

Yes, engaging a Personal Travel Companion (PTC) does add extra cost to your trip. You pay travel costs and associated expenses for your PTC, as well as a PTC Fee. If 2 or 3 people travel together with a PTC, the fee will be split between you so this is a cheaper option.

What benefits will I get?

Travelling with a PTC means you’ll be able to experience your travel in a truly joyous and carefree way – an experience to remember forever. It will add special elements that are hard to quantify and positively priceless. Your PTC takes care of everything, and you just focus on having a great time. It’s up to you to consider and weigh up the cost in terms of value and benefits of enjoying and sharing a lifelong travel memory.

How much is the PTC Fee?

This is a professional service and there is a cost involved. Because each journey and each person is unique, and every component within a trip is slightly different, the PTC Fee is personally tailored to your own individual journey.
A trip that requires your PTC to be fully alongside you every step of the way is quite different to one where a PTC accompanies you to a destination and delivers you to stay with family or friends.
A journey to a nearby town or city is not the same as a trip across the world.
Every trip is important and, in structuring the PTC fee, we will take into account your personal requirements and expectations, specific elements within your trip, as well as your budget.

What else do I get for the Fee?

You’ll get a write-up, with photos, at the completion of the trip, as a keepsake for you. If you would like this captured in a professional photo book, this is possible, at an additional cost.

What are some things I need to consider?

Here’s an overview of things to consider when contemplating if you would like to engage a Personal Travel Companion:

  • The client covers the full cost of PTC (Personal Travel Companion) travel and expenses, in line with the client’s itinerary. This is always on a separate room basis.
  • A small Travel Design Fee is additional, if you require assistance in the planning and preparation of your trip. If you know exactly what you want, and there is no design aspect, there is no fee.
  • Most of the PTC team members, although not all, are based in Auckland and this is the main departure point.

How are the PTC Fees structured?

PTC fees are structured according to the type of travel involved.

  • A single day rate – for journeys that are day trips and do not involve an overnight stay.
  • A daily rate – for journeys that are 24-hour duration or longer but are less than 7 days.
  • A weekly rate – for journeys that take in a 7-day period or more. Discount for second/third week and beyond).

NB: All travel costs – airfares, accommodation, transfers as necessary – are additional to the PTC Fee. If we drive you to your destination in our vehicle, a mileage rate will be factored in to the fee.

Is there anything else I need to pay for?

You will need to organise and pay for your own travel insurance arrangements as soon as the trip is confirmed and booked. If you have pre-existing conditions, be sure to investigate and arrange appropriate cover to take this into account. We can offer guidance and assistance if required.

Summary re fees

  • The final cost will depend on the nature of the engagement and the services required.
  • A deposit will be required upon engagement of the PTC service, with the balance to be paid prior to departure.
  • Our professional service will ensure maximum enjoyability for you.
  • The PTC fee component of your trip cost is a very individual one, and there is no “one size fits all” as no two trips or people are the same.
  • If paying a full PTC fee is a concern for you, you may prefer to take a small-group tour where this cost is built into the cost of the trip.

If you have any questions at all about Fees and costs, or would like to explore approximate costs for a trip you have in mind, please contact us.