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BEYOND Travel Companion Services

We help you travel, your way. You go where, when, and how you wish – with personal support from us. The world is such a different place since the pandemic, and probably always will be, especially when it comes to the travel realm. It’s time to look at travel in a whole new, innovative and collaborative way.

We offer the following Services to help you travel safely and happily:

Personal Travel Companion Service (PTCS)

Our PTC Service is for anyone who would appreciate support, assistance, a guiding hand and/or company on any journey, anywhere, for any reason.

  • Want to visit friends and/or family afar?
  • Wish to see your kids/grandchildren?
  • Keen to attend a special occasion?
  • Got a Bucket List must-do?
  • Want to do something a little out of the ordinary, beyond your comfort zone, but in total safety and comfort?
  • Keen to travel, but not to go it alone?
  • Have a disability or mental illness and want to see the world without limits?

We can help! Contact Sally to discuss the possibilities.

Ultra-Small Group Tours

We specialise in creating “ultra-small group” journeys for clients to enjoy.
Our trips are specially-curated and personally-escorted.
They are called 5-S and embrace the following factors:

Small – Solo – Seniors – Supple – Select

Each trip is specifically designed for groups of 4-8 people (12 max), and priced on a SINGLE basis with a high measure of flexibility. Prices are a maximum amount. There are no single supplements to grapple with, but rather, a REDUCED RATE is offered to couples and those who bring a partner or friend on a share basis!

Our trips have a GENTLE approach and are adapted to suit the seasons, taking into account the weather and available offerings in the area. While we specialise in taking care of seniors, our trips are open and suitable for everyone and anyone. I’ve led a number of trips with people ranging in age from 50s to 90s and all have been fantastic, with so many layers of life and conversation.

If you like the look of one of our Ultra-Small Group trip destinations but would prefer to explore it with your own small group of friends, and/or partner, this can be arranged. Everything can be adapted to suit your requirements.
Or, if you have another destination in mind, we can put together a special itinerary just for you.

Travel Design & Planning

We love designing and planning exciting travel and can help you to create and embark on the trip of your dreams. We have excellent connections and resources within the complex world of travel and will be able to find the ideal solution for what you are after. Start from scratch. Or think about joining one of our tours!

“Inside info” and the “personal touch” are more important now, in this new era of travel, than ever before. Once your itinerary is sorted, you can choose to engage a Personal Travel Companion or DIY.

Our PTC Philip Webb is a travel broker (aka guru) and can work magic to create the trip of your dreams!

BEYOND Travel Companion Services can help you to:

  • Catch up with friends
  • Visit family
  • Attend a special occasion
  • Trace your family roots
  • Experience your dream destinations
  • Go beyond limits!

I can show you the places I’ve been to, or we can discover new destinations together! No matter where you live, we can explore all possibilities so you can get travelling!

I can help you get travelling again – safely, securely and without worry.
If you have any questions feel free to call me to talk through the options – anything is possible! Call Sally, any time. Ph: 021 480323


When I’m not travelling, I do contract work that involves words and creativity. It may be of interest to you. Read more here.

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