Teresa Barnes

Hi, my name is Teresa Barnes. I am a mother of three adult children and have a passion for travel. Having grown up in a military family, moving around was always part of my life; but I’ve always called New Zealand home and have travelled to many corners of this beautiful country. 

I was fortunate to experience my OE in my 20s, living in London and travelling extensively through the UK and Europe.

I have continued to travel ever since, both with work and personally.

I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new places. Many parts of Asia would rate as my favourites, with a love of the people, the scenery and the food.

I also enjoy reading, cooking for my family, yoga and photography. I could explore art galleries and architecture all day. I am an excellent planner, am patient, selfless, practical yet fun. I love sharing travel adventures and enjoy helping others experience it too.

Let’s explore together!