Personal Travel Companion Services (PTCS)

It’s not just the destination …
It’s sharing the travel experience!

Cruising in Alaska

We offer personally escorted travel, near or far. It might be as simple as a flight to take you to a loved one. Or it could be a broader itinerary you’ve put together, or one tailor-made in collaboration with us to suit your requirements.
One-on-one, two people, or more … If you don’t feel confident in going it alone, call us and we’ll make it happen! We’ll provide a Personal Travel Companion (PTC) to accompany you all or part of the way, it’s up to you.

  • Are you single, widowed, unable to find a suitable travel buddy or not confident to travel alone, but still want to get out and see the world?
  • Are you keen to visit family or friends afar but need assistance to get there?
  • Do you love travelling but would prefer someone else to take care of logistics and guide you safely throughout the journey?
  • Are you someone who loves to see the world in your own independent way, but would enjoy company and support along the way?
  • Does visiting the country of your ancestors or revisiting your birthplace appeal, but the thought of doing it alone is daunting?
  • Have you been thinking about attending a sports event, arts festival, conference etc, but would appreciate companionship?
  • Are you held back by minor health issues or travel worries?

A Personal Travel Companion (PTC) provides company, care and support. Confidentiality is assured. You will be in safe hands with your own PTC by your side.
If something untoward or unplanned was to happen on a trip, your PTC will deal with it, as well as troubleshoot ahead.


As we know, unexpected things happen when you least expect them! But with a PTC by your side, you don’t need to worry as your PTC will take care of things and make all the necessary arrangements while you focus on enjoying yourself!

Venice, Italy

If there are issues holding you back from travelling – whether you’re worried about COVID, anxious about flying, concerned about safety, nervous about travelling alone, unsure about heading off to see the modern world or keen to bring in some new dimensions – we can assist you make that journey you’ve been dreaming of become a reality.

Big Bend on the Murray River, Australia

We believe our PTC Service
will come into its own and
be especially valuable as borders
re-open and we can travel freely
around the globe again!

Enquire earlier rather than later!

You travel, and your family rests easy in the knowledge you are safe and well-cared for whilst you visit the destinations of your dreams!

LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN! no limits, new horizons