Philip Webb

Hello, Kia Ora, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Kon’nichiwa, and many more greetings!

I’m Philip and have been involved in the travel industry for many years and I just love what I do.

Most of all, I just love to travel, explore and share my experiences with others. There is a never ending list of things to see on planet earth whether it be to fly, train, or just walk and explore!Over the years, I’ve learnt that listening, nurturing and understanding the needs of my fellow travellers is absolutely paramount.

It’s something I take immeasurable pride in, and has resulted in not only loyal clients, but long term close friendships.

Feel like:

  • booking a Villa in the rolling hills of Tuscany for a few weeks?
  • taking a second honeymoon on an exclusive island in Fiji, Tahiti or anywhere in the Pacific?
  • enjoying a gourmet tour of France staying at the most amazing Chateaux?
  • a helicopter ride over the Iguacu Falls?
  • or perhaps climbing Mt Kilimanjaro just for the challenge?

I fully believe that travel is the best way to learn and grow. I would love to share your travel journey with you!

Let’s go!