Taina von Blaramberg

Taina at Piha, NZ

About Taina

Hi, I’m Taina von Blaramberg – Kiwi born and bred, but with many nationalities in my blood. I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places during my career, including working as a nurse in London, visiting much of Europe and tracing my family ancestry in Finland and Germany. I returned to NZ with a Swedish man, so our family is now a mini United Nations! I enjoy meeting people wherever I travel, always keen to understand their experiences and learn of the events that have shaped their lives. A love of food and local cuisine has led to many enjoyable encounters. Having older parents, I am aware of how the desire to continue to travel can, at times, be limited by health concerns, making it difficult for people to undertake on their own. Through my experiences of arranging travel opportunities for my parents and wider family, I know that I am adaptable and organised. I take great pleasure in facilitating experiences that come with travel and enjoy assisting people see their travel ideas come to life.

Let’s travel together!