Firstly, a few general questions …

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How has COVID-19 affected things?

Well it’s been up and down, that’s for sure! International travel has been all but impossible for too long but thankfully the world is opening up again. There are still some restrictions, and things change month by month, but we keep an eye on what’s happening out there – so that we can take you safely. One thing’s for sure – travel is not like it was and has many added layers of complexity – masks, vaccine passports, forms, protocols … so many things to think about.

If visiting friends and family, near or far, is top of mind, and you’d like a Personal Travel Companion by your side for extra safety and assistance when you’re ready to travel again, we can help. Now, more than ever before, BEYOND Travel Companion Services could be just the comfort you are looking for to get you back into travel mode.

BEYOND is here to help you with masks and mandates, through airports, on planes, and into foreign places, to reconnect with friends and family, and to see the wonderful sights of the world again. In the safest way possible and without worry.

Who are BEYOND Travel Companion Services for?

Anyone and everyone: the elderly, the young, and everyone in between; male, female; singles, couples or small groups of friends.For anyone who’d love to travel without stress and with a Personal Travel Companion to take care of everything. With a special focus on seniors. Our services are ideal for older travellers who may be worried about travelling, or need assistance with mobility and the smaller details.It could be just right for YOU!

Why use BEYOND Travel Companion Services?

If you’re keen to see the world, but …

  • the thought of travelling alone seems overwhelming;
  • you wish to travel independently but desire support and companionship;
  • you’ve lost your spouse/travel buddy and going it alone feels too difficult;
  • it’s not possible or practical for family or friends to accompany you on a trip;
  • mobility, anxiety and/or minor health issues may be holding you back …

then coctact BEYOND – we remove the worry and you have a great time.

BEYOND Travel Companion Services can assist to take you beyond travel limits and dilemmas so that enjoying yourself is the only thing you have to focus on. We offer a personally curated service so you can travel the way you wish to, without any worries.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime – no limits, new horizons!