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NEW HORIZONS CRUISE - Venice to Havana ... Come Cruising with me in 2017!

In November this year, 2017, I will be taking a group on a very special and unique Grand Voyage cruise.

Fly, Land, Cruise package (28 nights)
25th November to 23rd December 2017

Italy, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe, Virgin Islands, Cuba, Chile
(Fly Auckland to Venice, MSC Cruise  to Havana, Fly to Auckland with stopover in Santiago)

If you love cruising, or are curious to experience what it’s all about, join me on a unique, all‑inclusive “Fly, Land, Cruise” holiday-of-a-lifetime.  I’ll be escorting a group on this well‑priced trip, with a creative focus, which I have developed together with MSC Cruises. 

We’ll fly to Venice for a taste of this wonderful city, where getting lost is pure pleasure.  Then we’ll board MSC Armonia for a 21-night cruise to Havana.  We’ll visit beautiful cities and historical islands, from Europe to the Caribbean and, along the way, I’ll share my Creativation* insights to take you beyond expectations.  On the ten “at sea” days I’ll be offering my “New Horizons” creative programme of exploration and discovery – short sessions full of fun and purpose.  There will also be a great social and entertainment programme for our group, on selected evenings, including quiz nights and Full Moon drinks on the deck.  Join in as many activities as you wish.  After time in Havana, we return to Auckland via Santiago – back in time for Christmas.  (Hopefully the rest of the family has done the planning and hard work and we just arrive home and enjoy!)

Having followed an unconventional professional career path, these days I’m a very happy Auckland‑based creative (artist, designer, mask-maker, writer, facilitator and WOW Wearable Arts multi-finalist).  Endlessly inspired by countries, cultures, communities and eras of time, I seek and find inspiration everywhere.  Whether you love creativity or don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, this amazing holiday, with its stunning ports of call, is sure to unleash creative scope for everyone embarking on it. 

This on-board at-sea "New Horizons" Programme is a new initiative and I am really looking forward to taking our group beyond expectations! 

Come and enjoy a truly exceptional creative journey with me.

CONTACT ME for more information or 021 480323

CLICK the link below to look at the flyer with more details, itinerary, cost etc. 





I write for Destinations - a high quality travel magazine for "People Going Places".  As a long time traveller and keen writer, this is a bit of a dream-come-true.

I've done articles on Norfolk Island, Marrakech, masks, sustainable eating, festivals ... Japan to come

Published in print and online. Check out their website  

I will be uploading some of my other travel articles here as well.


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