Transcription Work

Alongside facilitation and creativation work, I also offer Transcription Work. I contract to agencies based in the UK, Singapore and Australia and take on work as and when it fits my schedule. 

Naturally, I can also offer this scope of work directly to New Zealand based clients - as well as directly to anyone around the world.  With digital files, distance is not an issue.  But often, timeframes are.  I can receive a digital file at the end of the London working day (morning NZ time) and turn it around so it is back with the client by their morning.  Because I run my own schedule, I have great flexibility and can work late at night, or weekends, to complete a job.

I use Express Scribe and can transcribe anything from a digital file.  I am fast, accurate and experienced and can work to any deadline.  I undertake relevant topic research as required, to maintain accuracy, but because I have a broad range of experience across the board in many sectors, I am familiar with many aspects of many topics.  This is a valuable point of difference.

Obviously, good clear audio quality is important as a first step in ensuring a high level of accuracy. Also adequate background information regarding speakers' names, topics etc.

Poor audio, tricky accents, fast talkers, overtalking - these aspects don't make the life of a transcriber simple, but I have ample experience to overcome most of the problems that can crop up. 

I offer the following services:

  • Verbatim - capturing every spoken word
  • Intelligent Verbatim - tidied up to remove superfluous words like "you know", "I mean" etc
  • Tidied Up Transcription - edited and rewritten so every sentence is concise and makes full sense

I can transcribe presentations, speeches, interview, panel discussions, focus groups, Q&A, conference calls - anything and everything.

Some examples of transcription work I have undertaken are: UN sessions; property reports; David Cameron's after-dinner speeches; focus groups; financial results; academic research; interviews; disciplinary hearings; cancer research; market briefings; business updates; medical assessments; health reviews; the making of films and tv programmes; industry restructuring; technology presentations; environmental issues ... and much more.

All work is completely confidential.  Charged per audio minute.

Contact me for more information, quotes etc.

Testimonial, October 2016:
Hey, thanks very much for all the work you have done.  Before I managed to get hold of you I was let down rather badly by a transcribing service and was rather apprehensive about trying someone else.  You have put that to rest, certainly “going beyond expectations.”  I have really appreciated your willingness to go with my preferences, regular updates, efficiency, and the interest you have shown to my project.

Mike, PhD student
(I assisted with editing his thesis interviews/research)

The Transcriber