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Our Services

I offer Creativation, Facilitation, Coaching and Word Engineering Services (writing, transcription and editing).

If you are interested, please contact me on 021 480323 or email 480323

Whether you are an individual seeking to expand your creative horizons, or a business wishing to capitalise on creative ideas within, and get some practical help, I can assist.

I can personalise any service to suit your needs, budget, timeframes and desires.  Am very happy to discuss all this in detail with you.



Through Beyond I have developed a philosophy around creativity. It is called Creativation and is the very essence of all my work. I offer Creativation Workshops for groups, as well as one-on-one sessions, as an opportunity to indulge in pure creative exploration. I am always at work with Creativation, continually developing new ideas and approaches in all that I do. I am always looking "beyond the square" for innovative concepts and new initiatives. ANd I am always ready to share my discoveries.

The philosophy at Beyond is that Creativation within the workplace and personal lives is vitally important for personal, team and organisational development. It can enable all the very best ideas to be identified, captured and brought to fruition. Investing in Creativation for you/your staff can help to set creative thinking alight. Trust that it's ok to encourage true creative expression within yourself, your people and your business, and everyone will benefit more than you might imagine.

Beyond continues to embrace and explore the philosophy of Creativation ... art, writing, design and innovation all play a significant role, alongside the facilitation and coaching elements. 

I'd love to share my secrets with you - whatever your desire, whatever your need, I can assist bring out the creativity within, in whatever way works best for you.  A one-on-one session at my home studio, or a workshop at your place ... 

See my separate website which showcases my own creative endeavours.

See also my Articles page for an article on Creativity in the Workplace

The Creativationist


If you are wanting to gain direction, as an individual, a team or a business, I can tailor make a workshop for you. No matter what type of organisation, no matter what your need, together we can co-create something specific for you.  I will facilitate the session but you will generate the results.

I can assist in the following specialty areas:

  • Creativation Workshop (this encompasses any aspect of creativity)- ideal for anyone wanting to explore their creative side
  • Enterprise Programme (exploring Vision, Values, Purpose, Strategy) - ideal for small businesses and individuals wanting to gain clarity and make the most of the choices and opportunities that lie ahead

I also offer a series of other workshops - check my Beyond Workshops page. 


Facilitation is about guiding you to your destination, rather than providing the answers.

I don't need to know the ins and outs of your business or industry, because you will be generating the outcomes that will work for you. 

I will facilitate you getting there. And it will be fun!



The Facilitator



I also offer one-on-one Support Sessions ... whatever life has dealt you, I can help you cope with this by ...

  • guiding you through any issues
  • looking at the next step and directing you towards where you really want to go
  • bringing balance and life enrichment
  • taking you beyond your expectations

If you are going through major life change (separation, redundancy, career change, location change, loss, unexpected cirucmstances, self-esteem issues, stress ... ) or are seeking to change your direction to enhance your life ... I can assist.

  • If you need some support coping with what life has thrown at you, I'd love to guide you through it. 
  • If you need a "pick-me-up" to get you back on track, I can offer guidance, support and motivation to get you going again.
  • If you need direction to take the next step, I will help you find it.
  • If you want more balance and enrichment in your life, I will help you capture it

It's not easy to sort solutions on your own, when you are "inside" the issues and problems in your world.

Coaching is about guiding you to your own solutions and conclusions and can bring in new perspectives and viewpoints.

Coaching is motivating and purposeful and provides the necessary clarity to move forward. 

The Coach 


WORD ENGINEERING (Writing, transcription and editing services) 

I have broad experience in writing, editing and proof reading ... whether it's a newsletter, a website, a publication, I can assist.

If you have digital files that require speedy and accurate transcription, I can help.  See my Transcription Work page for more details.

I currently
- write for Destinations Magazine
- produce the Omaha Beach Community Newsletter
- oversee content for The New Zealand Racehorse Owners Federation website

and more ...

The Word Engineer


All our workshops and services are tailor made, designed to be accessible, affordable and flexible, to suit your needs.

Contact us to find out more.