Beyond for Kids ...

I enjoy working with with kids and have a variety of offerings - individual sessions, workshops designed for the younger age group, or through the Kidpower Programme (see below).


One-on-One Sessions (for primary or secondary school children of any age group)

If your child is struggling in any area, feeling out-of-sorts, unmotivated or anxious in any way - I can help.

If your child is not getting on with their peers, creating difficulties at home, displaying behaviour that could be improved - I can help. 

If your child is looking for best options moving forward in life, and needs some guidance to make the best choices - I can help.


Creativation (loads of options for creative play with a purpose!)

I offer special Creativation Workshops for children - one-on-one or in groups. I love to get together with kids for creative exploration - there are many options around how and where this can happen.

Workshops (for groups of young people)

I facilitate a selection of workshops designed for children and youth.

Discovery Workshops are designed to help children discover more about themselves and the choices and opportunities available to them.  

Resolution Workshops are designed to get siblings together and explore different perspectives, from a child's point of view, with the aim of creating more harmony at home. Also a chance for parents to have some valuable time out!


Kidpower (empowering kids to sing and perform with confidence)

This is a programme I devised and set up with colleague and musician Paul Walker.   We run the programme occasionally, as our schedules allow, working with small groups of children who have singing and performance ability.  We nurture them to flourish in the musical realm and beyond, as a singing band. Generally, this is initiated through schools, but if you know of musically gifted children who want to challenge themselves, experiment and explore microphone technique, choreography, songwriting, enjoy performance and recording opportunities, and stretch themselves with real purpose, do get in touch.  The children will flourish beyond their musical abilities, as we also focus on personal attributes that produce all round polished positivity.

Paul is responsible for musical and recording aspects, while I oversee performance, as well as liaison with parents and admin tasks.  The children are coached and encouraged to explore and maximise their individual talents, with an emphasis on fun and teamwork.  Parents are kept in touch with progress every step of the way, and will have the opportunity to see the kids "in action" at various performance opportunities which we seek out as appropriate.

Please Contact me for more information on what I offer to children. 



As old as the Acropolis ...
As new as the next generation ...

(This was a stage set for a school production that I assisted with)