Here is a small selection of my artwork ...

Also, the images you see on these website pages are my own artworks and photos.

For a more comprehensive overview of my art, please visit my art website

Masquerade is my art brand. I have recently started making one-off masks. These are all handmade and each one is unique. I can create a mask to a particular theme or colour scheme. They can be made for display or to wear to a masquerade party. They can be simple, and they can be very ornate and decadent.  If you are interested in having a mask made especially for you for decoration or for an occasion, please contact me.

I also create handmade mini ceramic torsos which I decorate in various styles.  These are approx. 15cm long.

Also embellished letters and words made to order - these can be created with a specific theme and colour scheme in mind.