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Beyond Facilitation and Creativation Ltd
based in Auckland
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What Beyond stands for ...

A world of Connection, Compassion, Creativation
and Celebration

Integrity • Heart • Simplicity • Vitality • Play • Creativation

THE ANCHOR (Purpose):
Taking people beyond their expectations



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(Started 13 June 2014)

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Go Beyond ...

your imagination

the present and the past

your horizons

what you believe is possible

your expectations

the known

your wildest dreams

your outer limits

for there are no limits, only the laws of nature ...
and even then there are miracles !


Welcome to Beyond 

Taking you beyond the limits ... beyond your expectations


Hi - I'm Sally Blyth, Creativationist.


I established Beyond FAC Ltd in 2006, offering facilitation, coaching and Creativation for anyone wishing to go beyond the limits and beyond their expectations.


Over those years, the offering has evolved, as things took more of a creative direction, mainly due to my own success with personal creative endeavours - most particularly Wearable Arts, Mask-Making, Artwork and Writing.  Having gained recognition for my work, as well as building up an appreciative, eclectic and delightful client base for my creative work, my energy and focus has now moved more fully into Creativation.  I continue to explore many avenues in this direction and absolutely love the personal touch and one-on-one specialist liaisons that creative work engenders. 


My STUDIO is where I create pieces of art, visual and wearable.  It is full of treasures and overlooks the garden, making it a place of peace and inspiration. 

My OFFICE is where words are my domain.  I create pieces of writing, fiction and non-fiction, for both business and pleasure, tapping away until the wee small hours if inspiration or deadline impels me to. I edit, I proof, I write, I play and create with words.  I am a freelance travel writer for Destinations magazine, which enables me to combine my love of travel and writing.

Both spaces are very happy places where I spend many hours creating what did not exist before. 


I retain and incorporate the powerful models and tools I have built up and used throughout my varied and rather unconventional professional life - they are, after all, an intrinsic part of successful creativity. 


I continue to offer Facilitation and Creativation work, with the aim of providing you with bright new perspectives in imaginative ways that work for you.  I encourage innovation and aim to provide you with the confidence and know-how to go beyond what you thought was possible, in whatever realm you wish.

I  work with small businesses, through my Enterprise Programme, guiding towards clarity and conviction around the aspirations and essence of the business (Vision, Values, Purpose and Strategy), engaging all staff in what this is and what it means.  This is vital in offering a great service that you are proud of and that your customers come back for time and again.  

The processes I use have a creative element and quirky edge.  Definitely not your usual corporate approach to focussing on these important business elements!


I also work with kids and youth in a variety of ways, again incorporating powerful tools, creativity and a positive approach.


Working to suit your budget, schedule and requirements, I specialise in bringing out your creative side.



If you wish to explore any of the following (and more), whether individual, team or small business, at any age or stage, in any realm or industry, please contact me!

  • Flourish and rise to the next level
  • Connect to your inner self with a view to making the most of your inner treasures
  • Discover more about yourself and where you're headed (or wish to be)
  • Revitalise passion and bring back the spark in what you're up to
  • Bring different perpsectives together to resolve issues and create harmony
  • Stretch yourself and go for gold
  • Experiment with and expand your creative horizons

I can assist you towards fulfilment of your creative desires, your business aspirations.  Let's explore the possibilities.

Whether you're around the corner, or on the other side of the world ... I'd love to work with you.


Creativation is my self-coined term for all things creative.  Here is my definition - you can also find more information on my Creativation page.


Creativation is ... creativity ... inspiration ... innovation ... motivation ... intuition ...

Creativity - inventiveness, imagination, ability to create and bring into existence
Inspiration - creative force or influence, sudden brilliant idea
Innovation - bringing of new methods, ideas, changes
Motivation - stimulating the interest of a person
Intuition - insight and perception

Creativation is  ... painting ... writing ... experimenting ... conceptualising ... designing ... inventing ...

Creativation is ... self-expression, creative skills, improvisation, experimentation, stimulating your soul

Creativation is ... opening your heart, stretching your mind, using your body ...

Creativation is ... feeling ... thinking ... movement ... new ideas ... communication ... confidence ...

Creativation is all these elements rolled into one to enable you to tap into your creative intuition and thereby create without limits ...